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Fill up on nature and history

The town of Bouillon en Ardenne is called "La Perle de la Semois". Entwined with its meanderings, the city is overlooked by a thousand-year-old castle preserved in remarkable condition.

There is something for everyone, nature lovers who can walk the hundreds of kilometers of hiking and history lovers will easily be able to project themselves into the time of the knights inside the walls of the reputedly impregnable fortress.

There are so many places and activities to discover and one thing is for sure, you won't be disappointed!

Bouillon vue du Belvédère Ardenne belge
La Ville de Bouillon

La Ville de Bouillon

Bottes de randonnée

A limitless playground for hikers

The town of Bouillon as well as all the neighboring towns and the Ardennes in general, have the particularity of being very hilly. 

There are a multitude of routes and possibilities for all levels. On the program : sumptuous views, unspoiled nature, abundant flora and fauna and above all an inexhaustible generator of memories.

How about swapping, for a weekend, the stress of everyday life for a breath of fresh air in the heart of our Ardennes forest?

Passerelle de l'Epine Bouillon

Thorn point of view


Hiking - Expert. Excellent physical condition required.

Easily accessible trails.

Average duration:


Belvédère de Bouillon en Ardenne

Belvedere and Auclin coast


Hiking - Intermediate. All levels of physical condition. Most accessible trails.

Average duration


Tombeau du géant point de vue botassart belgique

The view of the Tomb of the Giant


Hiking - Easy. All levels of physical condition. Easily accessible trails. For all levels.

Average duration


Useful addresses


The essential place for all tourist information about the region.

Fortified castle of Bouillon


No need to introduce it to you, this thousand-year-old castle is world famous!


This interactive show takes you on the route of the Crusades and Godefroid de Bouillon.

Maison du Tourisme
Château fort de Bouillon Ardenne
Archéoscope Godefroid de Bouillon


Discover the formidable history of the slate mines and those who worked there despite the danger.


Meet Jean Paul Couvert, illustrious enthusiast and producer of a sought-after and renowned tobacco.


This museum of character is rich in information and in collector's items from many eras.

Musée Ducal Bouillon
Tabac pipe semois
Au coeur de l'ardoise mine ardoise ardoisière bertrix

This is the best way to travel the meanders of the Semois. Be careful, when there is little water, it can be very physical!


The museum exhibits in particular the works of the famous native of the region Albert Raty

Chances are, you are already a fan of their delicious beer. How about seeing where the monks who make it live?

Excursion en kayak semois rivière
Centre d'interprétation d'art de vresse sur semois
Abbaye d'Orval bière trappiste moines Gaume

Acremont (Bertrix)

This sheep cheese producer is very famous in the region. Do not hesitate to take a tour!

The Ardennes forests are made to be traveled by mountain bike. You can rent them at this address.


Climb to the top of this vertiginous steel tower which overlooks the entire town of Gedinne.

bergerie fromage belgique acremont
Randonnée en vélo
tour du millénaire croix scaille gedinne
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